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Hua Hin Dot Com is the primary web destination for potential visitors to Hua Hin, be they Thais or foreigners, as well as those staying or planning to stay long term in Hua Hin.

They may be seeking

  • property to purchase,
  • medical insurance, advice and treatment,
  • varied day to day products and local services such as restaurants, massage, golf and other recreational activities.

Thailand and especially Hua Hin are fast becoming the retirement destination of choice for rich-country retirees due to

  • an exceptionally low cost of living,
  • a full range of products and services on offer, surpassing rich-country standards in terms of variety and quality,
  • a secure environment with a very low crime rate.

We now offer competitive options to advertise your Hua Hin related business to approximately 40,000 distinct users each month, 88% of which are new users.

Hua Hin Dot Com is currently [topping the results list of all major search engines] (

Advertising Options

Google Adwords

As banner ads will be limited to the home page, we recommend advertising on other pages of our site site using Google Adwords. You can use the Google Adwords Placement tool to specify a page on You can add both text links and 720x90 banners on all pages and targeted by country, languages etc.

Banner Ads on Home Page

The Hua Hin Dot Com advertising offering focuses on banner ads in the right side column of each page of the site (outside of forums). All banners should be images (gif, jpeg, png), Adobe Flash® content is currently discouraged for usability reasons. Every banner can be linked to your external web site which might also help your search engine ranking.

Prime Banner

The prime advertising spot of the Hua Hin Dot Com web site is the banner at the top right hand column which has a custom size of 390 by 75 pixels.

This banner will be displayed on all pages of the site outside of the forums. Minimum rental term is 3 months.

Banner Buttons

Below the main banner there is a static ad area containing six square buttons with the standard size of 125 by 125p pixels. These buttons will be displayed on all pages of the site. There is a limit of six square buttons.


Also known as advertising features, advertorials are small box advertisements embedded within the content of a web page with related content.

Advertorials are very effective contextual marketing due to the mix of quality information and subtle presentation of your services. The potential customer who searches for and finds information related to your services will more likely become a paying buyer.

What you will get:

  • 1 picture or logo and up to 100 words of advertising copy. (More pictures can be included, however, text must be reduced accordingly).
  • Link to your web site with click tracking. (We provide a login so you can view the click and view (impressions) stats for your advertorial).
  • Colored background of your choice.

Example Advertorial:

Example Advertorial


If your Hua Hin related business still needs an online presence, why not consider starting with a mini-website at Hua Hin Dot Com? This will give you immediate exposure on the primary Hua Hin portal and a cost-effective alternative to an expensive custom-designed site.

What you will get

  • Your own sub-domain
  • A home page with your choice of layout, headers, pictures and colors.
  • Custom content pages, such as photo gallery, dynamic Google map, service listing etc.
  • Contact form



Position 1 for search term "Hua Hin": Hua Hin Search Results Google


Position 1 for search term "Hua Hin": Hua Hin Search Result Google


Hua Hin Search Result Hua Hin

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