Getting to Hua Hin from Bangkok and Back


Kuala Lumpur-Hua Hin 2

As of summer 2018, there is another connection between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Hua Hin, operated by Air Asia.

More info here:

Will they succeed where others have failed? Air Asia are hoping for 2 million yearly passengers by 2022 on a relatively obscure connection. Good luck!

Hua Hin Aiport

Kuala Lumpur to Hua Hin 1 (Cancelled)

There will be scheduled flights between Subang (former main airport of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and Hua Hin, thrice weekly starting Nov. 18, 2012. However, still no flights to and from Bangkok.

Update: This service has been cancelled.

Bangkok to Hua Hin (Cancelled)

Hoping this is built to last: Finally (again) scheduled flights by a major carrier, i.e. Thai Airways affiliate Nok Air, from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi to Hua Hin and back. And for a reasonable price of 1,299 Baht.

More info:

Update: Nok Air have since cancelled this connection.


A ferry will run once a day at 3.30 pm from Pattaya to Hua Hin in just two hours from January 1st, 2017. This may be another option to travel to Hua Hin, even from Suvannabhumi Airport. We'll have to see how this pans out, if the service is viable and for the long term.


Daily several trains go from Bangkok to Hua Hin, all stopping on their way south. Ask the information counter in Hua Lamphong Station (see some pictures at the bottom of this page) in Bangkok or the extremely helpful assistance staff in the newly renovated Hualamphong Station (main train station of Bangkok). Please note that the adventurous rides in 3rd class can be booked only on the day of departure. An experience not to be missed. Enjoy it while it lasts, before Thailand gets its own sterile and soulless high-speed rail system.

Hua Hin Railway Station

A 2nd class seat on an air-conditioned Express train costs about a fifth of rich-world rates and punctuality used to be quite impressive. It has desclined though in recent years as the rail network has deteriorated and is largely neglected by recent successive governments. The real experience though is third-class travel that is cheap and you have unique opportunities to meet and converse with Thai citizens over a longer time period.

Tickets of all classes except 3rd may be purchased 90 days in advance at principal stations at advertised times at each station and at the Advance Booking Office (Bangkok Station) where tickets to and from any station on all trains are available between 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on weekdays and 8.30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. on Saturday, Sunday and official holidays.

Children under 4 years travel free unless they require their own seat. Children between 4 and 12 whose height does not exceed 150 cm (~5 feet) pay half adult fares.

Refunds are available only up to 3 hours before the original departure time.

For further information, please contact the Station Office, Damnoenkasem Road, Hua Hin Tel. (032) 511-073. It's really just a ten minute walk from the beach.

Here are direct links to the connections from Bangkok to Hua Hin and connections from Hua Hin to Bangkok.


To and from Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok (BKK)

Definitely check out the new direct bus to Hua Hin from Airport Hua Hin Bus for under 300 Baht (as of 2018).

To Bangkok

Air-conditioned buses of local operator Pran Tour leave the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok every 30 minutes between 0500 and 2200 for Hua Hin. The journey takes about 3 hours and costs a few hundred Baht. The air-conditioned bus terminal in Hua Hin is at the Siri Petchkasem Hotel on Srasong Rd, near Dechanuchit Rd, and buses leave for Bangkok every 30-40 minutes daily between 0300 and 2100. Tel: (032) 511-654, 512-543.

Please note: Always allow for a buffer of an hour or so when going to Bangkok for a fixed appointment, like your flight home. There can always be traffic jams due to flooding, accidents etc. which can delay the bus by hours.

There are also non air-conditioned buses which travel between the market on Srasong Road in Hua Hin and the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok around the clock. These take 3 to 4 hours and are somewhat cheaper than the PranTour buses.

To Southern Thailand and the Islands

There are nightly air buses to other cities in southern Thailand. Most depart Hua Hin around 22:00.


For the daring tourist it should be a challenge to drive by car from Bangkok to Hua Hin. Take the Thonburi-Paktho Road, pass Samut Songkhram, turn left onto Petchkasem Highway and go in the direction of Prachuab Khirikhan.

Or take the Phuttamonthon route from Bangkok and head to Prachuab Khirikhan via Nakhon Pathom, Ratchaburi and Petchaburi. This somewhat longer route is about 281 km and takes approximately 4 hours.

Hua Lampong Train Station in Bangkok

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