Golf in Hua Hin

Golf in Hua Hin

Hua Hin has become a prime golfing destination in Southeast-Asia, and for good reasons: The resort offers a complete package of beaches, sightseeing, friendly locals, affordable prices and an ever rising number of top-notch golf courses In addition to that, golfing variety is still available at bargain rates when compared to most other destinations in the region.

All year season. Golf can be played in Hua Hin year-round. Even in the so-called "rainy season" (which is rather benign in Hua Hin anyway, there are usually only short downpours which may disrupt a round for a short while. The maintenance of the golf courses around Hua Hin is impeccable; courses employ large numbers of full-time staff in charge of trimming greens and fairways to an excellent standard.

Golfing smiles. Golf in Thailand means having a caddy to assist you during your round. On many courses caddies are mandatory (but thankfully only a few have taken over the terrible American fashion on mandatory golf carts. The caddies' competence is usually adequate while language skills vary wildly. Soon you will value their cheerfulness and good humour under all circumstances, especially if your round shouldng't go as desired. Many caddies have good skills in reading greens estimating distances.

While caddy fees are reasonable (a few hundred Baht), remember that caddies expect a tip of a few hundred Baht. Always agree with you golfing buddies about how much to tip so that there is no "discussion" arising among the caddies about who got how much.

Affordable Golf. It has to be said that green fees have risen significantly in the past few years. While golf in Hua Hin is still much cheaper than in Phuket, Koh Samui, rates have appreciated so much that it's now cheaper to play golf on the courses around Bangkok than in Hua Hin.

However, the rise supply with more courses opening all the time will keep prices in check. And Thailand is still such an affordable travel destination that prices for accommodation and other services easily make up for rising green fees.

Outside of the peak season (Christmas-New Year) courses shouldn't be so busy as to make reservations necessary. Most Bangkok golfers will play golf on one of the many courses surrounding Bangkok, it's unusual for them to travel to Hua Hin just for the golf.

Learning the Game of Life Hua Hin and Thailand in general a great destinations to learn playing golf. There are a number of capable Thai and foreign pros who will teach you the ropes for a reasonable fee. No course will require proof of golfing competency, so it is easy to just go out with a golfing friend and try a few strokes, perhaps carrying a mat to not destroy the precious fairways. Golf in Hua Hin combines the full infrastructure of a beach resort with great services and scenic golfing on the seaside at bargain rates in incomparable Thailand.

Recent Accolades

Hua Hin was voted Golf Destination of the Year Asia and Australia 2014 at the Annual Convention of the International Association fo Golf Tourism Operators. It was only the second time that a region rather than a country as recipient of this award.

Hua Hin Golf Courses

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