Milford Golf Club and Resort

Milford Golf Club And Resort Clubhouse Overview

The Milford Golf Club is right on the shoreline, a few kilometers south of central Hua Hin. It was built in the 1990's when golf course design wasn't yet gripped by the "longer is better" fad. It's a standard 18-hole par 72 course designed by Robert McFarland on land that was not yet overpriced due to the proximity of the beach. The course has a links feel to it as the sea is in view from many holes.

The course is challenging in terms of accuracy rather than length and has some tricky water hazards that have to be crossed. There are also quite a few holes sloping significantly uphill, making for more challenges in terms of club selection and judgement.

The course is known for its difficulty, not least owing to the extremely fast, sloping greens, putting even a two-put out of reach for many, even pros.

The course conditions have improved immensely in recent years, but at times the course is not properly watered during the dry season, and water hazards may also be empty. It's advisable to check with the course or consult other golfers before making the journey to the Milford Golf Club.

Milford Golf Club and Resort Scorecard

Milford Golf Club And Resort Clubhouse
Milford Golf Club And Resort Fairway
Milford Golf Club And Resort Green
Milford Golf Club And Resort
Milford Golf Club And Resort Layout
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