Under the Beach Umbrellas 2014 Panorama

Cha-am: Under the Beach Umbrellas 2014

Cha-am: Under the Beach Umbrellas 2014 Panorama Preview

While Western tanning is abhorrent and incomprehensible to most Thais, the typical beach experience in Hua Hin (the image was actually taken in Cha-am) involves sitting in beach chairs under umbrellas on small tables. Food and drinks will then be ordered. Be careful that in Hua Hin food and/or drinks have to be ordered, otherwise a chair can cost 100 Baht.

In Cha-am there is a fee of 300 Baht per table (2014) and mandatory drinks, while food is ordered from other vendors. Never order food that is not on the menu unless you check and reconfirm prices in detail. This way there will be no surprises when the bill arrives.

The coup government has recently cracked down on the beachside restaurants in Hua Hin for their blatant overcharging and intransparent pricing. They may sneak back after this populist stunt.

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